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Hunters Point South's First Affordable Towers Are Rising

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Hunters Point South park, also known as Long Island City's "charm bracelet," is now open, and the next stage of the mixed-use megaproject is underway. That stage is a large affordable housing complex designed by the omnipresent SHoP Architects. The first two buildings will contain 925 units, with the complex ultimately set to include more than 5,000 affordable apartments (making it the largest affordable complex to be built since the 1970s). New York YIMBY ventured into Long Island City to check on construction progress and came back with?photos!
The larger tower, at 1-50 50th Avenue, will rise to 37 floors and include 619 units spread over a whole city block. The smaller tower, at 1-55 Borden Avenue, will include 306 units and reach 32 stories when completed.

Here's what the two towers should look like when finished:

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1-50 50th Avenue

1-50 50th Avenue, Queens, NY 11101