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West 82nd Street Condos Hit the Market Starting at $4.5M

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Name: 182 West 82nd Street
Developer: The Naftali Group
Architecture/Design: ODA Architecture
Size: 11 units
Prices: $4,495,000 - $6,645,000
Sales & Marketing: Stribling

You may remember 182 West 82nd Street as the building with the penthouse addition that prompted actor Kevin Bacon (probably—he never actually showed up in person and there's a slight chance that the people in the neighboring building were just typing up rants and signing them "Kevin Bacon") to write a letter to the Community Board complaining that the resale value of his apartment could go down if the new penthouse blocked his views. But the development's days of controversiality are behind it, Kevin Bacon is ruined, and the units hit the market today starting at $4.495 million for a 3BR and going up to $6.645 million for a 5BR triplex with private outdoor space. There are two triplexes as well as two penthouses, which, after having their height reduced by decree of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, do not appear to be visible from street level (not on the rendering, at least). All the apartments, a mix of 3BRs, 4BRs, and 5BRs, range from 2,000 to just over 5,000 square feet.

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176-182 West 82nd Street

176-182 West 82nd Street, New York, NY