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Yorkvillers Still Fighting Losing Battle Against New Hospital

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The enormous CUNY Hunter/Memorial Sloan-Kettering nursing school/medical center coming to the FDR Drive between East 73rd and 74th streets is basically a forgone conclusion—it has been approved by City Council and Community Board 8 and has the backing of Borough President Scott Stringer. But the hospital's opponents, who have referred to the cancer treatment center as a "vanity project," are not going down quietly. Instead, they're progressing loudly through the five stages of grief, and, having made it through stage one, denial, and stage two, anger, are smack in the middle of stage three, bargaining. "This neighborhood can be sanitation-friendly," Terry Grace, one of the project's leading/remaining opponents told Crain's. That's right, the people who just spent the better part of a year lobbying against a new medical facility in a neighborhood that already has about two dozen medical facilities are calling for a sanitation department garage to be built on the site instead.

One of the three such opponents that Crain's interviewed for this story had just come from a meeting of a group that opposes the East 91st Street waste-transfer station, where construction was approved last year.
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