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An Early Peek Inside Thomas Juul-Hansen's High Line Condos

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On either side of the High Line at West 19th Street, a pair of condo buildings designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen is rising. One of the buildings will sit on the park's west side and one on the east side, and they'll share a lobby that goes right underneath the High Line. We've gotten our hands on the first interior rendering for the project?which is the first ground-up residential building with Juul-Hansen as both exterior and interior designer?showing one of the penthouses. Sales haven't started yet, but prices should be between $2,500 and $3,500/square foot, about in line with the neighborhood.

On site, there's now some signage teasing the building. Confused about that design? We were, too, so we checked with project reps, who explained that the sign shows materials used for the building shaped into sculptural objects. In more straightforward terms, the building will make use of white oak, distressed cedar, brass, black glass, and limestone, among other materials.
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