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Park Slope Historic District May Gain 300 New (Old) Buildings

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted last year to extend the already-2,000-building Park Slope Historic District by 600 buildings and they may by getting ready to do it again. The Commission held a public hearing this morning to consider a second extension of the Historic District, which would include around 300 more buildings. The boundaries of the new extension are too lengthy to transcribe here, but you can read about them on today's Landmarks agenda (it's a PDF).

Various politicians sent representatives (except Councilmember Steve Levin, who sent himself) to the Commission to offer their support for the new extension. In general, the opinion of the public was that extension was both a good thing and long time coming, and many of the people who offered testimony expressed a hope that the neighborhood could be landmarked even further in the near future. Only one person spoke in opposition, citing a fear that including, for the first time, post-war high-rises in the historic district could allow that type of building to take over the neighborhood. A few others also expressed displeasure that that type of building, particularly the ones on Plaza Street West, would now be included, but simply suggested that those buildings be removed from the designation. The Commission will vote on the extension at a later date.
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Photo by Axel Taferner