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Big Reveal: $425,000 For a 2BR Co-op In Prospect Park South

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The insanity of the Brooklyn townhouse market may be skewing the perception of real estate in the rest of the borough. On this week's Pricespotter property, a two-bedroom co-op in Prospect Park South, every single guess, save for one, was over the $425,000 asking price. The apartment is located in a 16-unit building at 5 Stratford Road on the edge of the Prospect Park Parade Grounds. The one commenter who did not exceed the price said "most people are guessing much too high," but still did not give an exact number, instead offering a range of "high 300s or low 400s." Opinions of the neighborhood were mixed, but it still seems like the sellers will have no problem getting what they want?and likely more.
· Listing: 5 Stratford Road, #3 [Elliman via StreetEasy]
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