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Check Out the Wall Mural in This $6.5M Upper East Side Co-op

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It's a little disappointing when an apartment includes a room as weird as the dining room in this Upper East Side co-op and the listing makes no attempt to explain, or even mention it. Oh, the master bath has a sink? That's super interesting, tell us more about the nature mural and the bird statues.

The nature mural and bird statues are probably the oddest, but they aren't the only odd thing about this 10-room apartment, which includes patterned gold wallpaper and huge, red, theatre-y curtains in one of the bedrooms, and salmon pink wallpaper in the foyer. As far as wallpaper goes, this place certainly gives the 740 Park duplex from earlier this week a run for its money. It's on the market for the second time since 2008 asking $6.495 million. (Last time it was asking $8.995 million.)

· Listing: 136 East 79th Street #8B [Fox]