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Sold for $950K in August, Gretsch Pad Reappears for $1.3M

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Williamsburg's Gretsch is no stranger to audacious moves when it comes to listing prices. Here's the latest: the owner of apartment #3U purchased the place (a 2BR, 1.5BA) just this August for $950,000, which was the apartment's exact asking price. But there must be something in the water at the Gretsch, because that buyer, one month later, has relisted the apartment for $1.3 million. And while the place looks slightly different in the new set of photos (for comparison, here are the old ones), the apartment hasn't really had any work done. Gretsch dwellers, can anyone shed more light on this?

· Listing: 60 Broadway #3U [Elliman via StreetEasy]
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Gretsch Building

60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY