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Broke Park Keeps Seeking Funds From Donors, Pier 40 Plan

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Hudson River Park has been in the financial abyss doldrums for quite some time, but the WSJ describes how almost-lame duck Mayor Mike's girlfriend Diana Taylor is trying to turn things around. As chair of the Hudson River Park Trust, the nonprofit that raises private dollars for a much-used waterfront green lung that receives no government monies, she's attempt to alleviate a $7 million deficit with a $2 million-raising gala tonight. It would be easy to tap Bloomberg's purse strings, and the lady with business chops and social savvy about where to seat donors to placate them apparently has, but it'll take more than one savior to redeem this park, which is still reeling from $30 million in Sandy damages.

Where some disagree further, however, is what to do about the rotting, debt-addled mess that is Pier 40. Two competing plans emerged earlier this year, but because one called for residential development along the waterfront to pour funds into the park, it was vehemently opposed, Meanwhile, another proposal to sell the park's air rights to developers who would build slightly further east in order to raise cash has clashed with preservationists and others. Taylor favors a redesign that would put money-making commercial entities on the pier that would impress a visiting U.S. president, like "restaurants, art galleries, and activities?[things] people like to do and spend a lot of money [doing]." Douglas Durst, who has parted ways with the park's fundraising efforts, told the Journal: "Restaurants and art galleries don't get you to $30 million." Meanwhile, Durst's vision for the pier involves galleries, offices, and parking.
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