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Kane 1.1.3 Listings Pulled; Setting Records At Franklin Place

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COBBLE HILL?In September the punctuation-loving new development Kane 1.1.3 came to market, but a tipster alerts us to the fact that the listings have been pulled from the market. It's unclear why, but we reached out to the broker for more information. The development consists of six two- and three-bedroom units, which ranged from a 1,126-square-foot unit asking $1.24 million to a 2,250-square-foot home with front and back gardens listed for $1.995 million. The building is currently under construction, and it was supposed to be complete this fall. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

TRIBECA?Since coming back from the dead earlier this year, Franklin Place (previously known as 5 Franklin Place) took no time at all to sell most of its condos, and reps say those sales broke some records in the process. Penthouse C/D sold for $14.5 million or $2,483 per square foot, and Penthouse A sold for $10 million or $2,666 per square foot, setting a price per square foot record for "the Broadway corridor in Tribeca." The previously record, $2,536 ppsf, was held by by Apartment 15B at 57 Reade Street. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]