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1820s Greek Revival Townhouse in Soho Shoots for $7.9M

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Located inside the small Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District of the South Village/Soho, this 1820s Greek Revival townhouse at 19 King Street is on the market for $7.9 million after last changing hands in 1998. Its current owner has kept it in great shape, as had the previous owners over the past (almost) two centuries—the four-story home, separated into an owner's triplex and a one-bedroom rental, has retained six wood-burning fireplaces (apparently ... there are only three on the floorplan for the triplex, which would mean that the one-bedroom rental has three fireplaces?) as well as plaster molding and a root cellar under the garden. It's a very dignified house, and it's unfortunate that all that dignity is undone by the floorplan, which is written in Comic Sans.

· Listing: 19 King Street [Elliman]