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Woolworth Building's Future Condos Get Name, Additions

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Curbed's Everyone's favorite early skyscraper, the Woolworth Building, has taken one more step forward in its conversion journey toward stuffing its top 30 floors chock-full of 40 luxury condos. The City Council has approved the addition of two pavilions to the landmarked neo-Gothic structure, which will sit on top of two wings of the 29th floor. Developer Alchemy Properties sent us the news, along with word that some other exterior renovations for the residential conversion was also approved, such as "rooftop additions, replacement of windows and the creation of window openings, as well as the installation of a canopy fit to the scale of the building at a separate residential entrance on Park Place." Apparently, all the work is contextual, fitting in with the facade, roofline, and original windows, but we have yet to see a rendering. Here's some PR babble with an updated sales launch date:

Residences will start at 350 feet above the ground level and will culminate with a magnificent five-story penthouse residence in the building's pinnacle. Sales are expected to commence in the second quarter of 2014. Hey, they've even got a name now: the Woolworth Tower Residences. Maybe, just like with the Puck Penthouses, it's better to be straightforward. We had reported that prices will be around $3,000/foot, but given the craziness happening in sales right now, maybe that's a lowball estimate.
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