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Meanwhile, At The Hotel Chelsea

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Luxury hotelier Ed Scheetz of King & Grove has big plans for the embattled Hotel Chelsea, whose makeover he now oversees solo after buying out Joseph Chetrit. The residents' private garden will become a rooftop lounge, an upscale restaurant will occupy the ground floor, and the basement will house a shopping gallery and bar. In deference to building's wild kooky drug-addled storied history, he envisions an artists-in-residency program, as well as "small bedrooms, hyperbolically designated as 'artists' lofts'?priced at two hundred dollars a night, Scheetz's idea of a budget destination?next door to rooms that cost a thousand." Yeah, artsy. [New Yorker (subscription required), photo via Curbed Photo Pool/Mattron, previously]

Hotel Chelsea

222 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website