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Listings Now Live For Alfa's Village Green West on 14th Street

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As expected, the first units in Alfa Development's new eco-friendly condo building at 245 West 14th Street are now on the market (h/t BuzzBuzz Home). Sales reps previously told us that the cheapest condo in the 27-unit Village Green West will be a $1.21M one-bedroom, but of the eight new listings, the least expensive home is a 644-square-foot 1BR/1BA with a balcony asking $1.36M. There are four other one-bedrooms available, ranging in size from 712-square-feet to 860-square-feet, and in price from $1.41M to $1.75M. Three two-bedrooms are also available. The most expensive is a 1,524-square-foot half-floor unit with a balcony asking $3.675M.

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