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The Newest Menace to Park Slope Is a Mean Cat

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Among the things that Park Slopers like to complain about are hospitals, school zones, ice cream, public urination, and now a big, mean cat. One local resident and cat owner has taken to posting signs around the neighborhood that read, in part:

Do you have large, lean dark grey cat with dark markings that roams the backyards btwn 16th & Prospect, Jackson & Webster....wears a collar with a bell? If this is your cat, do you realize how aggressive and mean it is when it roams around??? Your cat comes into my yard all the time and ... bit one of my cats 2x on his tail. As far as Things Park Slopers Complain About go, this one is probably a seven out of ten on the legitimacy scale. That cat sounds like a bonafide jerk, and the collar with the bell must be terrifying. And it's hard not to feel bad for the lady whose cats were attacked, who is now afraid to let them out of the house and says she caught a neighbor doing a sarcastic 'dramatic reading' of the sign. "The absurdity of this whole thing is not lost on me," she told DNAinfo.

And look, as far as signs posted in the street go, you can do a whole lot worse.
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