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There are three important points to take away from the Times' 2600 word profile of the one and only Harry Macklowe: 1) One of his first real estate enemies was Martha Stewart, who Macklowe claims "tore out 14 trees and bushes on his [Hamptons] property to get a better view of Georgica Pond." 2) Rafael Viñoly, architect of Macklowe's 432 Park Avenue, says, "Harry is a picaresque character and a very special guy. He's very emotional and completely honest about his passions. He's basically a truck driver with an education in aesthetics." And 3) Macklowe thinks 432 Park "is the most important building in the history of architecture." Modesty never was his strong suit. [NYT; previously]

432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY Visit Website