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New Building Permits Approved for Silverstein's 30 Park Place

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After years of waiting in stalled-site purgatory, Larry Silverstein's 30 Park Place, formerly known as 99 Church Street, will soon start rising. The developer secured $660 million in construction financing earlier this year, and now New York YIMBY spotted newly issued building permits for the hotel-condo. The 1920s-evoking, Robert A.M. Stern-designed tower will grow to 937-feet and 67 stories, making it Stern's tallest building in New York.

A 149-room Four Seasons Hotel will occupy the lower floors, and the higher stories will be home to 161 condos, the most expensive of which will ask around $34+ million. Filings with the Department of Buildings show that the condos will start on the 23rd floor. There will be several duplexes, including two half-floor duplexes on floors 62-63, and the top three levels will each hold one full-floor home. Now that permits are approved, we have officially moved into the "Construction Watch" phase, so please do hit up the tipline if you see any action.
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Rendering by DBOX for Silverstein Properties

30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY

99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007