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Attorney General Subpoenas AirBnB's New York User Data

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AirBnB won a major victory recently when the city lost its test case against the apartment-sharing website on appeal, but the legal headaches aren't over yet. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, in a surprise move, just subpoenaed data for all of AirBnB's 225,000 New York users, which suggests that maybe CEO Brian Chesky's apparent efforts to patch things up with the city aren't going as well as one might hope. Chesky recently promised that AirBnB users would collect the normal hotel occupancy tax, but a law enforcement source tells the Daily News that it's an empty promise. Chesky is also still taking the public stance that users are just "regular people who occasionally share their homes," and not regular people who rent their homes out on a regular basis for money (sort of like a hotel). The law isn't buying it, though, and Chesky and co. have until today to turn over the data.
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