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Bushwick Condo Converters Extend Holy War to Crown Heights

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It's hard to get any less contextual worse than the Bushwick church-to-condos conversion planned by Brookland Capital that came to light last week, with its design marrying a lower light-brown facade harkening back to its religious roots with a darker brick-and-glass addition protruding out the top. But yes, it sort of can, because Brownstoner reports that Brookland is planning yet another conversion, this time in Crown Heights. The developer bought the Romanesque Revival building at 991 Eastern Parkway earlier this year for $2.1 million and is apparently planning to make it look like the rendering above. Though Brookland hasn't filed any permits for a residential building yet, a photo of the interior of the existing church-turned-school-turned vacant site is listed as one of the firm's current projects. Architects Isaac & Stern begat the Bushwick design and this, erm, beauty, too. For some reason, the word smite comes to mind.
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