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Garment District Wises Up, Decides To Keep Its Name

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The Fashion Center Business Improvement District embarked on a major overhaul of the Garment District last year with grand plans to give the neighborhood a new identity and a new name. More than 100 proposals came in. Suggestions included boring things like Times Square South, North Chelsea, and Midtown West, and idiotic snazzier things like MiSo (Midtown South) and the Devil's Arcade (a throwback to the 'hood's grittier days). But the BID saw all the ideas, thought "Wow, this was a stupid idea," and decided to stick with the good ol' Garment District?a decision that, according to the Journal, took a year of talking to landlords and real estate consultants.

Some things are changing, however. The BID is now the Garment District Alliance, and the area's logo will change from a button to a map of the area with a street grid that looks like the word "IN." Signs and ads for the area will soon implore visitors to "Explore IN" or "Dine IN" the neighborhood's non-fashion related amenities.
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