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Neighbor Accuses Joan Rivers, Condo Board of Discrimination

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TV personality Joan Rivers takes her condo board duties?she's been president of the board at 1 East 62nd Street for years?very seriously. But now a resident of the building is, uh oh, challenging her authority. The owner of 1 East 62nd Street's #1A has sued the condo board, the Post explains, alleging that Rivers and the rest of the board have discriminated against him because he lives in the building's "shabbiest" unit. The discrimination, says #1A's owner Raymond Houle, has taken the form of property destruction: the board members actually put glue in Houle's lock and intercepted his mail, he claims in the suit. The board also tried to foreclose on the apartment after he gave it to a friend, Elizabeth Hazan, and Hazan allegedly failed to pay $200,000 in common charges. It's a complicated saga, and maybe Rivers should just bring that voodoo priestess back to resolve things.

As for Rivers' own personal involvement in this mess, she allegedly has insulted Hazan a number of times over the years. "There exists a strong animosity between Joan Rivers and me," as Hazan puts it in the court papers. "She has called me various names and has been slandering me for years." And the animosity isn't likely to stop any time soon.
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1 East 62nd Street

1 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065