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Neighbors Fight Additions at 4 Century-Old UWS Buildings

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Turns out it's not just residents and neighbors of embattled grande dame the Apthorp who are fending off proposed lucrative rooftop additions. West Side Rag reports there's not just one but three other 100-year-old (or more) buildings whose owners are attempting to plop more units on top. First there's the landmarked Chatsworth (built in 1884), a long-time rental where new owner HFZ Capital wants to build extra floors. Then there's the Evelyn (1886), where a two-story addition (pictured, above right) was shot down last year, but the applicants may come back with a new design. Last but not least, condo building the Forum on 74th Street (1902-3) just set up orange netting on its roof, a telltale sign of a rooftop addition plan and an attempt to prove to community and landmarks officials that the visual impact will be minimal. Prediction: Community Board 7 is due for some more epic meetings.
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The Chatsworth

344 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023