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Warren Street's New DDG Condos Will Have 'Protuberances'

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DDG's plans for 100 Franklin Street are not making the developer any friends in Tribeca?opponents called it "innappropriate" and "out of context"?but maybe they will have better luck with their 12-story building at 12-14 Warren Street. But after seeing the first pseudo-rendering, probably not. It has, what Tribeca Citizen calls, "protuberances," which, depending on how the building looks when not drawn solely with grey blocks, could be pretty cool. We won't know until we see real renderings, and we've reached out for those.

According to DDG's website, the building will hold "spacious residences, consisting entirely of duplex, full-floor and half-floor homes. The majority of floors will feature private exterior spaces." It's expect to earn LEED certification, and amenities include 24-hour doorman and concierge, a fitness center, rooftop lounge, and storage. Per DOB permits, it seems that the existing five-story building is being partially demolished. Work is currently underway, and the 13-units should be complete by 2015.
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