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Big Reveal: $775,000 For A 2BR Condo In Greenpoint

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There was some commenter debate over whether or not Greenpoint is a nice place to live, which scaled the guesses on this week's Pricespotter property, located at 102 Guernsey Street, from a couple hundred thousand below to slightly above the asking price. But more than one person got it right. The ask for this two-bedroom condo with a balcony is $775,000. The first person to get it right called the place "uninteresting," but guessed $775 to "stay under a million and a little less than the competition." The lack of inventory in the area seemed to be a factor for many guessers, pushing their wagers higher than what they thought it was worth. "Greenpoint is hot as hell, very much like Williamsburg," wrote Captain Crankypants. "This apartment is not the sq ft as it's listed. It should sell for a be listed at $775,000, but ONLY because there is no inventory in this hot neighborhood. (I actually think it will sell for $725, but it could get $775 and is probably listed at that)."
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