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15 Park Row's Rare 'n' Raw Top Two Floors, Cupolas Want $20M

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An unusual listing surfaced this morning, asking a buyer to shell out $19,900,000 for a FiDi penthouse. The tippy top of residential conversion 15 Park Row?a landmark built in 1899 with a rich history that was the tallest building in the world until 1908?it's made up of two full floors (on the 26th and 27th stories), plus two three-story cupolas above that whose roofs are all patina-y and green. There's also a large private terrace and two balconies. The brokerbabble explains the uniqueness of the property:

The Cupolas Penthouse at Park Row is being offered for the first time in over 100 years as a private residence. ... This incredibly rare offering of raw space is one of the largest Penthouses to ever come to market in all of Downtown New York City.

There's just one catch... the space is not even livable right now, and will require the guttest of gut renovations. Common charges are $8,345/month. But when architects are given thousands of raw square feet to play with... amazing things can happen. Perhaps, then, we should bracing for another mindboggling Skyhouse. Enough talk, let's look at the raw space, some architectural details, and its stellar views. With such an overhaul on the horizon, will a buyer shell out $20 million for a blank canvas? Leave your thoughts about its potential in the comments.

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