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St. John the Divine Will Be Getting 14-Story Apartment Tower

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The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is famous and historic?but it is also perpetually in need of cash for construction and maintenance. (Never being finished will do that to a building.) The quest for funds led the church first to developer AvalonBay Communities, which built a rental tower on the southeastern edge of the church's property, and then to developer the Brodsky Organization, which has just unveiled its plans for a 14-story building on the northern undeveloped portion of the church land. DNAinfo has some renderings of the structure, designed by Handel Architects, which would contain 428 apartments.

The design attempts to accommodate the church in a couple of ways. For one thing, it's glassy, which is intended to provide a view of the cathedral's north transept, Gary Handel says. For another, the building has cutouts that mean it takes up only 53 percent of its available buildable area. The building?and a second, smaller one on West 113th Street?will be set back from the street by 15 feet.

The apartments will be rentals, and the developer is building them under the 80/20 program. That means 87 of the units will be affordable, with rents starting at $696/month for a studio. Market-rate rentals will start around $1,700/month.
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