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Sex and the City House Sells, Again, for $13.25 Million

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For the third time in two years, 64 Perry Street, the townhouse that almost served as the facade of Carrie Bradshaw's house in Sex and the City (the show's creators had wanted to use it but ended up having to use its neighbor, 66 Perry Street, instead), has changed hands. After selling for $9 million in November of 2011 the house returned to market, even though it appeared to need some work, and sold again in April of 2012 for $9.85 million. The new owners had architect Steven Harris draw up plans for a renovation but then, instead of carrying them out, they simply relisted the house as-is this July for $13.5 million, and then for $22 million two days later, because, you know, once the plans are in place the house is basically as good as renovated. Apparently something about that strategy was effective and the $13.25 million sale to an LLC-shielded buyer hit public records today. Expect the house to either be renovated or just put back on the market for $30 million in a few months—it's a toss up.

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64 Perry Street

64 Perry Street, New York, NY