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244 Elizabeth Street Is Finally Becoming Affordable Housing

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The Department of Housing Preservation and Development has owned the tenement building at 244 Elizabeth Street since 1977, and many moons ago (i.e. a decade), the HPD announced plans to rehab the falling apart structure into a low-income co-op building. However, years past and things stayed the same, but now Bowery Boogie reports that, finally, a renovation is actually underway. The 13 tenants were relocated more than five years ago, but they are set to return once the $3.9 million makeover is complete.

Waiting 10 freaking years is a long time. The president of the building's tenant association said the situation has "been truly challenging." "In the waiting, children have grown up away from their homes, and we've even lost some of our elder tenants. But, we are also grateful." The conversion will create 19 new homes, and is being developed through the Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative Program.
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