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Does Satan Himself Reside in This Harlem One-Bedroom?

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Just a little reminder that brokers are still doing broker things: this $1,875/month one-bedroom rental on West 130th Street is described in its listing as "sin-drenched." But it seems like such a nice place! What foul things could have occurred there to drench it in sin? Did a couple live there together out of wedlock? Have the refrigerator and stove, seemingly brand new, already been complicit in acts of gluttony? It's an evil, evil mystery.

Worse than embarrassing listing typos, however, is ... whatever happened here. First of all, it's important to note that this is a listing for a $22 million newly-renovated townhouse in Greenwich Village. It has many positive attributes. There was no need to talk up the exceedingly simple banister this much. Second of all, huh?

The sin-drenched listing, screen-capped for posterity:

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