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Cornerspotted: Watchtower Building at 124 Columbia Heights

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Even though the building pictured in this week's Cornerspotter was not even complete, it was still only a matter of minutes before commenter Ferryboi identified the building. It's the Watchtower building at 124 Columbia Heights, part of the real estate portfolio owned by the Jehovah's Witnesses. The group is making a mass exodus from Brooklyn, selling off their properties, but they still own 16 sites, including 124 Columbia Heights. The building, along with the rest, will likely be sold soon, as the group is permanently moving to Warwick, NY by 2017. The old photo shows the building as seen from the Brooklyn Heights promenade, but we could not find a photo showing the building from that angle today. The structure went through a series of renovations and expansions, but it was originally constructed in the late 1920, early 1930s, replacing three older buildings.
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