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Post-9/11 Rector Street Bridge Is Coming Down, Coming Down

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The footbridge over West Street at Rector Vesey Street, which was built after September 11 as a temporary means of transport between Battery Park City and the rest of the Financial District to the east, is currently being dismantled. SHoP Architects did dub it "the first infrastructural element to be inserted into the vicinity of the former World Trade Center Site," and our tipster takes its disassembling as a tiny sign of the area's glacial return to normalcy.

With the new Brookfield Place-PATH tunnel open for use and the West Street crosswalk reopened, the nearly 12 year-old bridge is no longer needed in the way that it was in the immediate aftermath and construction after 9-11. Certainly no great loss for the FiDi neighborhood, but perhaps in someway symbolic of the area's continued recovery from 9-11. As this picture hopefully shows, the stairs leading to the bridge have already been removed from the east side of West Street bridge. Let's not even broach the topic of one of its supposed replacements, the long-stalled, $21- to $27-million West Thames Pedestrian Bridge, also designed by SHoP, which is meant to be permanent once (if?) it's ever complete.

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