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Got a Rental in Need of a Redo? Curbed's Offering $2,500!

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[Before photo: GoodMood Photo/Shutterstock; after photo: JZhuk/Shutterstock.]

On Monday, this very blog shall once again commence Renters Week, our annual celebration of rental properties and all they entail. Stay tuned for a full week of Airbnb and Craigslist, over-the-top amenities, the hottest new buildings, cheap finds, and infographics galore, not to mention a couple of history lessons and how real New Yorkers found their hidden gems. This year, we're also launching a nationwide contest to find one single soul who's most deserving of a rental redo, so if you've got a lackluster, hodgepodge, or totally forgettable rental space and the vision to make it over, read on.

The quick and dirty: over the next four days each Curbed site will collect entrants' photos and testimonials. Starting on Monday, November 18, the best and brightest entries will be put up to a vote in individual city-specific polls. The winners will then face off in a massive countrywide poll hosted on Curbed National, and the winner of the national poll (to be announced on Mon., Nov 25) will receive $2,500 to the home furnishings store of his or her choice, funded entirely by Curbed. (See the official contest rules.)

The tipline's officially open NOW, so here's a bit more info about what we're looking for: a pic of your space and some notes about what you'd ideally do with it. Pinterest boards, magazine tear sheets, haikus, and other forms of artistic expression are all encouraged, but shots of overflowing toilets, moldy caulk, or rodent infestation are not: this contest is not about consoling the aggrieved, it's about awarding creativity and imagination. We'll need your location, of course, but will omit last names in all polls. So please, go on, start talking. Then sit back and start dreaming of much prettier and well-furnished days ahead.
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