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Landmark Park Slope 70% Leased; Newtown Creek Exhibit

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PARK SLOPE—The New York Times has an interview with Naftali Group founder Miki Naftali in which he tells them that Landmark Park Slope, which was 50 percent leased after one month on the market, is now 70 percent leased three months in. Naftali obviously keeps mum on the company's future projects, but he does reveal that he is moving to 82nd Street, where the Naftali Group just finished an 11-unit condo building. Is it possible that the penthouse that had the neighbors so riled up was for the developers' chief executive all along? [NYT; previously]

DUMBOPhoto essayist extraordinaire Nathan Kesinger and two other artists, Laura Chipley and Sarah Nelson Wright, have a gallery installation from November 7-23 at the 111 Front Street Galleries. The installation, presented by the Newtown Armada, "will transport viewers to a toxic landscape where industry, sewage and pollution collide with nature, as a fleet of remotely operated miniature boats project their explorations of the Newtown Creek, site of the largest urban oil spill in the United States." [Kesinger; previously]