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Alarmist Map Labels Each And Every 'Toxic' Site In The City

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Well, this is horrifying. PropertyShark mapped all of the city's toxic sites, which makes it look like some sort of smoldering chemical deposit sits on every corner. But rest assured, it's not as bad as it looks. The occurrences mapped range from gas and oil leaks, which don't necessarily have adverse effects (at least not right away) to more serious violations like improper hazardous waste disposal to the very iffy brownfield or Superfund sites (Gowanus Canal, anyone?). One of the map's creators reassured Brick Underground, which first published it, that "[n]ot all icons are equally serious and some issues are much more benign than others." But then again, "[p]roperties closest to manufacturing plants, gas stations and landfills have the highest amounts of potential toxicity." So better take a closer look.

First, let's zoom in on the Lower East Side and Williamsburg, shall we?

And now for the key:

One more time, here's the zooma-ble interactive version.
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