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Soros Son Prepares To Take A Loss On His Novogratz House

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George Soros' son Gregory Soros purchased the Novogratz-designed townhouse at 5 Centre Market Place for $11,999,900 in 2010, and after three years, he decided the five-story house, with its domed rooftop basketball court, just wasn't for him. In April, he listed it for just $100 more than he bought it for, but it's now looking like Gregory, an artist, is going to take a loss on the sale. It's been pricechopped to $10.75 million. Perhaps he should asked his pops for some business advice before plopping $12 million on a house that was already quite familiar with the pricechopper. The listing is now with TOWN, but there are no new photos, so the images from the previous Leslie Garfield listing.

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