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Chatsworth's Proposed Rooftop Addition Is Sure To Rankle UWS

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A 85-slide presentation detailing owner HFZ Capital's proposed rooftop additions to Beaux Arts landmark The Chatsworth will go before Community Board 7's Preservation Committee tonight at 6 p.m. Consider yourself warned: even though this addition is much smaller than the one proposed for the Apthorp rooftop, and includes plenty of facade restoration to placate the historically minded, we have a sense that the Upper West Siders are not going to go for it.

HFZ Capital took ownership of the 100-year-old rental and its adjoining annex at 340-344 West 72nd Street earlier this year, and recent DOB permits laid bare their aim to add a story as well as reduce the number of units from 137 to 81. In fact, the designs are to expand the existing 13th-floor penthouse in the main building's north tower (by 2,228 square feet) while also adding a story on top of that (3,511 square feet) and one on the annex (1,923 square foot). In the epic presentation (warning: PDF!), architects Montroy Andersen Demarco emphasize the much-needed exterior facelift and the contextual repairs that would be made to windows and other ornamental architectural details. It's not until late in the slideshow that we get to the color renderings as well as existing vs. Photoshopped imaginings of what the additions would look like. Maybe they hope the community board members will be too tired to argue by then. But we doubt it.

Here are different views of how the additions would look; drag the toggle all the way to the right to see the existing condition, and all the way to the left to see effect of the proposed additions.

The presentation that CB7's Preservation Committee will see tonight also includes a lot of images related to the facade restoration, window replacement, and elevation changes, which are detailed in the renderings below.

For those who care to dive in, here's the entire 85-page PDF of the presentation.

Chatsworth Addition Presentation

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The Chatsworth

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