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Bushwick Wants More Affordable Housing At Rheingold Site

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Read Property's plan to turn the old Rheingold Brewery into a 10-building mixed-used complex won approval from City Planning in October, but during a City Council hearing yesterday, it was met with much resistance. Bushwick Daily said several members of the community attended to voice their concerns, most notably that the development did not have enough affordable housing. The median income for families of four in Bushwick is $34,000, well below the city-wide $51,544; currently, Read Property plans for 24 percent, or 242, of the 977 new units to be affordable. Councilwoman Reyna also asked for a new grocery store to be included in the plans.

The developers are willing to increase the number of affordable units only if they are paid for with government subsidies. The developer also pledged $350,000 to the Parks Department for maintenance of Green Central Knoll Park, and they are creating new community green space. Read Property also partnered with a local non-profit to train and hire members of the community for construction jobs. Additionally, reps pointed out that this rezoning, which calls for mid-rise buildings about 8-stories tall, is much different than the tower-tastic developments happening on the waterfront in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, so everyone should be thankful already.
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