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Jason Giambi Sells Upper East Side Condo for $6.8 Million

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Remember when Jason Giambi used to play baseball for the New York Yankees? In 2002, Giambi signed a seven-year, $120 million contract and used some of that money on a $3,360,500 eight-room, 2,874-square-foot apartment on the 24th floor of The Empire Condominium at 188 East 78th Street. In 2008, he ran out of space for all his wine and/or steroids and bought two wine cellar units in the building. Three months later, the Yankees declined their option on him and he departed for Oakland, followed by stints in Colorado and Cleveland.

This May, Jason Giambi looked up and thought to himself, "Hey, don't I still own a condo in New York City or something? I wonder if that's worth money." He listed the apartment for $7.35 million, it entered contract three months later, and today the sale hit public records. The apartment, wine cellars and all, sold for $6.8 million, just over twice what Giambi paid for it in 2002.

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