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Long-Awaited Renovation Adds Sparkle To Park Avenue South

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Commercial real estate renovations don't usually pique our interest, but the long-awaited changes at 475 Park Avenue South are worth a look. New York YIMBY recently photographed the office tower's new facade, and it's a refreshing addition and welcomed change from the building's boring, dark past. YIMBY loves the change, lauding the Pelli Clarke Pelli makeover for its "genius" in making the glass curtain wall mimic metal in its shimmery appearance.

The new facade looks like metal from afar, almost echoing the cladding on Gehry's 8 Spruce Street. The renovation's genius comes through when the building is viewed from up close; the exterior is, in fact, a glass curtain wall. 475 Park Avenue South flips the traditional glass building on its head, representing another advance for contemporary architecture in Manhattan. The re-clad shows just how versatile a curtain wall can be, and that 'glass boxes' need not be so; technology is at the point where glass can mimic other materials [...] In designing the curtain wall, Cesar Clarke Pelli has created a modern interpretation of the trompe l'oeil; obviously 475 Park Avenue South is not painted, but the glass results in a similarly skewed effect, adding a layer of dynamism that few projects possess.Plans for the upgrade were announced back in early 2010.
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