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Documenting The Empire State's Dominance Over 1990s NYC

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[All photos © G. Alessandrini via his blog, New York in the 1990's.]

Much the same way the Twin Towers could be viewed, or merely glimpsed, in different vistas all over the city, so too is the case with its tallest-building-in-the-world predecessor, the Empire State. French fashion exec Gregoire Alessandrini, who took hundreds of photographs of New York when he was a film student here in the 1990s, compiled his favorite shots of the ESB. What's in the foreground of his shots, from girly shop signage to run-down trash heaps, is as telling as the goliath in the background that pokes above all its neighbors. The landmark celebrated its 31st birthday on the National Register of Historic Places yesterday, which is about as much of an excuse as we need to take a gander a bunch of ganders at the Art Deco skyscraper.

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