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$40,000/Month Flatiron Penthouse Has a Rooftop Oasis

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The interiors of this 4,000-square-foot triplex penthouse in 17 East 17th Street are a little odd—very nice, yes, but a little odd, with long, thin rooms and a tub in one of the bedrooms (is this what they mean by en suite bath?). What makes up for that oddness, though, and goes toward justifying the enormous $40,000/month price is the 1,500-square-foot private roof deck, which features a heated pool as well as—apparently, though they're not pictured—a kitchen and bathroom. There's also a little cabana with a big TV and a sort of dining area up there. Basically, the roof is better than most apartments. The whole place is available for a 3-12 month lease.

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