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Curbed's Third Annual Renters Week Begins Right Now

Cue the ribbon-cutting and stick a "For Lease" sign in the ground, because Curbed's five-day romp in all things rental-related kicks off now. Renters Week is a chance to explore some pressing issues that matter to the scores of non-owners trying to make a home in New York City. Way beyond the mindboggling statistics, get ready for coverage of the hottest rental buildings on the market, where archicritics first lived when they moved to NYC, a history of rent control, tales from everyday tenants explaining how they found the apartment of their dreams, the city's priciest pads for rent, and much, much more.

Is there something you'd like to see us tackle? A particularly horrendous Craigslist ad, a take-down of a mismanaged building, tales of tenants gone wild (yes, we want to hear from landlords, too), or the secret to a rent-stabilized lifestyle? The tipline is always open. Editors await your suggestions and feedback at the other end of And if you'd like to win $2,500 to make over your rental apartment, check out our ongoing nationwide contest and enter ASAP. Onwards!
· Renters Week 2013 coverage [Curbed]