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Comment of the Day

"It's sad to see this gone, because it represents the loss of a piece of the city's history and fabric that resonated with a lot of people. There is something wonderful about people's creativity interacting with abandoned, under-used, or forgotten places in the city to make something special out of nothing. Of course, it is someone's property and its their prerogative to do with it what they want - thats the deal, you pay taxes on, and are compelled to maintain your property, in return you can improve upon it to benefit yourself. What people seem to be reacting to negatively is not so much the prospect of something inherently transitory, like 'graffiti' art, going away but the prospect of more "new New York" taking it's place—banal condominiums for affluent transplants."—Door_Keeper ["5Pointz Owners Whitewash Graffiti Mecca Overnight"]