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5Pointz Owners Whitewash Graffiti Mecca Overnight

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Last night, with police protection, 5Pointz owners Jerry and David Wolkoff white-washed the beloved 5Pointz graffiti mecca, wiping away layers of street art in just a few hours. The Wolkoffs' plan to demolish the buildings and replace them with apartment towers was approved by City Council in October, but artists and community members have been trying to save the building, pushing for a last-ditch landmarks designation. The chances of saving the building from being razed were slim, but no one expected the Wolkoffs to destroy the public art display before the building's walls came down. Judging by the reaction on Twitter, Instagram, an other blogs, the paint job was a complete shock to just about everyone. Have photos? Please send them to the tipline.

Curbed reader Brittany von Hess submitted the video below, taken from the 7 train, which shows the half-complete paint job.

UPDATE: We will continue to post photos as we receive them.

Curbed tipster Sam Markham documented the building today:

Here are two from reader Prinz Gjoca:

Bronx-based photo collective Seis Del Sur—whose six members documented the South Bronx as young men when fires raged during the 70s and 80s—e-mailed this comment: "Disgraceful. Surely knowing the passion so many felt for the building and art, the owners could have let it die with its boots on..."
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