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What Do The Neighbors Think Of Frank Gehry's Wavy 8 Spruce?

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Topsy-turvy, twisty-curvy New York by Gehry (a.k.a. 8 Spruce Street) has captivated New York's imagination from the outset. But what does the average Joe on the street—who may not know starchitecture from Scarano-style barred-chitecture, or that units inside range from $3,000 to $11,000 per month—think of the 76-story rental building? In the latest installment of our Street Seen series, courtesy of Curbed's video team and intern David Stein, we find out just what kind of artistry Frank Gehry's signature undulations inspire. (Literally. And musically.) Have a look.
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New York By Gehry

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