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The Ten Most Expensive Rental Listings in New York City

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↑ In this Week of Renters, we would be remiss not to remind everyone that rental listings, particularly their price tags, can be every bit as rage/jealousy-inducing as regular ones. This 3,200-square-foot, 3BR/3.5BA in the Waldorf Astoria is tied for the city's most expensive rental at $135,000/month. In addition to enjoying the full services of the hotel, it's also a real apartment with a formal dining room, gallery, kitchen, boudoir, and staff room located discretely behind the kitchen. Is a staff room in full-service hotel incredibly excessive? Perhaps, but so is the price.

↑ Another super-luxury hotel, The Pierre, in addition to boasting one of New York City's most expensive apartments, also has three of the four priciest rentals with a trio of apartments asking $135,000/month. Not only that, but they're all 1BRs, the largest of which is 1,461 square feet, with the smallest at 1,100 square feet. What makes these normal-sized apartments so valuable, other than the hotel amenities? It's not entirely clear, but they do include two ottomans apiece.

↑ Finally, something that regular people can afford! This four-story, 12,120-square-foot, 10BR/10BA townhouse in Carnegie Hill costs $125,000/month. It has multiple dining rooms and libraries and also includes a 2,435-square-foot cellar and 3,350-square-feet of outdoor space.

↑ Another enormous Upper East Side mansion, this one in Lenox Hill, was original listed for $48 million. It was later delisted and subsequently reappeared as a rental, asking $90,000/month.

↑ Another townhouse in Carnegie Hill, this one weighing in at five stories, 7,250-square-feet, 6BR/6BA, is going for $80,000/month. It blends old and new, with original inlaid floors, molding, and mantles to go along with a meticulous renovation that added radiant heat in four of the baths, new appliances, new electrics, new plumbing, and central air.

↑ Here's something a bit different, and it's down in Soho: this Con Ed switching station-turned-townhouse is filled with crazy design elements, plus an indoor pool. It's down to $80,000/month from an original ask of $100,000/month.

↑ And back to the Upper East Side we go with another hotel listing, this one in The Mark. A 2,122-square-foot, 3BR/3.5BA there is going for $75,000/month.

↑ It's "only" $75,000/month, but it might be the craziest property on this list. The 12,000-square-foot Upper West Side townhouse owned by former Coach COO Keith Monda has been unable to find a buyer or a renter with its huge price tags (both of which keep getting chopped, to no avail) despite its fitness and massage areas, "60' foot fresh water lap pool," zen garden, media room and awesome staircase.

↑ The top four floors of Lenox Hill's Claremont House were combined into a 6,300-square-foot quadplex and listed this April for $22 million. No one has bitten and the apartment is also now available for $70,000/month, down from $100,000/month.

↑ And finally, in Lenox Hill (surprise!), a 5,678-square-foot 4BR/4.5BA is asking $70,000/month. It's a full-floor pad with four exposures, which has been on the market for some time with no success.
· Renters Week 2013 [Curbed]

The Mark Hotel

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 11101

214 Lafayette Space

214 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

2 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065