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Professional Ikea Assemblymen Share New York Trade Secrets

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Every human in New York City has probably bought something from Ikea. The Swedish furnishings store, with its 10,000 unpronounceable products, is a go-to for no-frills homewares—especially essential for those on a budget and/or renters who move every few years. But no one knows the ubiquity and vagaries of the retail giant more intimately than James Pronto, the CEO and founder of Brooklyn-based furniture-assembly company Pronto Assembly, who estimates that he and his team of merry handymen have put together some 90 percent of Ikea's "Assembly Required" products. Experts, indeed—sometimes employees ask them where things are. Above, tail them on the job, learn about their celebrity customers, and find out how they cope when New Yorkers overbuy for tiny apartments.
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