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A Renters' Guide to the Seaport, An Area Weathering Changes

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Speaking of changing neighborhoods: the South Street Seaport is—well, was, until yesterday—known for its rich historic fabric of cobblestone streets and low-rise brick buildings. However, the vast majority of the neighborhood's rentals are located in high-rise towers both new, like New York by Gehry, and converted, like 99 John Deco Lofts. Also worth noting is that the neighborhood was among the hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy and many residents were forced to evacuate for months—Historic Front Street was still having problems as of June—and, while buildings have taken precautions since then, the next weather-related event is surely in the back of residents' minds, although prices haven't taken much of a hit.

Rental Units: Most of the rentals are a mix of new luxury-condo-type units and converted lofts with exposed ceiling beams, brick and the like. Streeteasy puts the median price at $3,650 and the median size at 819-square-feet, with available apartments ranging from an $11,600/month 3BR/3BA in New York by Gehry to a $1,999/month studio in 150 Nassau Street.

Neighborhood Highlights: If you like malls, good and bad news. The Pier 17 mall closed recently, but that's because the Howard Hughes Corporation is developing a new, better mall, and also the highly controversial hotel/condo project that was revealed this week. So, there is/will be a lot of shopping as well as a strong sense of community when everybody gets together to heckle Howard Hughes at upcoming Landmarks Commission hearings.

Pricy and not-so-pricy corners: The Seaport is both small enough and desirable enough that it doesn't really have any unexplored pockets. But, as with basically anywhere, the prices get lower as you move farther away from the waterfront.

Sample Listings:
· 111 Fulton Street, a 1,213-square-foot 2BR/2BA in the Karl Fischer-designed District for $5,400
· 229 Front Street, a 1BR/1.5BA with exposed wood beams and columns in Historic Front Street for $3,461 with no fee
· 99 John Street, a 515-square-foot "loft-like" studio in 99 John Deco Lofts for $2,450 with no fee
· 27 Ann Street, a 1,200-square-foot 1BR with exposed brick and original tin ceilings for $4,195 with no fee

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