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The Most Popular Manhattan Rental Listings Of The Last Week

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Yesterday we rounded up the top 10 most expensive rental listings in the city, but those places aren't exactly where most of the city's renters are looking. So today, we are looking at the top 10 most popular Manhattan rental listings of the past week, according to data from StreetEasy. The listings, which were sorted by the number of pageviews, highlight that everyone is always searching for the best deal—the most expensive unit on this list is a $3,000/month two-bedroom.

10) 32 East 7th Street, East Village
The listing for this two-bedroom makes no mention of a living room, and judging by the photos, there may not be one. The kitchen is small, and one of the bedrooms is a super weird shape, but it's just $2,350.

9) 402 East 78th Street, Upper East Side
A no-fee 1BR/1BA near First Avenue is listed for $1,895, and the photos looks pretty great, but the place has been sitting on the market for more than two months. The price was also recently reduced by $155, and there's a free month of rent, so it seems like there's something wrong with the place that's not evident in the listing.

8) 226 West 16th Street, Chelsea
There are no photos of this 600-square-foot 1BR apartment, which is never a good sign, but the price, $1,995, has obviously attracted attention. The listing says the unit is rent-stabilized and has a full kitchen, but it also says the rent is $2266.52.

7) 322 West 11th Street, West Village
Possibly the nicest unit on this list is this 2BR/1BA asking $3,000 per month. The kitchen is small, but there are high ceilings and both bedrooms can fit a queen-sized bed.

6) 551 West 165th Street, Washington Heights
For just $925/month, there's a furnished studio next to the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. The brokerbabble describes the building as "immaculate, secure and very safe," but the place looks like a hotel room in the photos.

5) 10 Jones Street, West Village
If this listing for a $2,200/month one-bedroom in the West Village seems too good to be true, that's because it is. It's actually just for a bedroom in a 2BR/1BA duplex apartment that has 16' ceilings and exposed brick walls. The photos were taken at nighttime, which always makes apartments, no matter how nice they are, look like a scene from a horror movie.

4) 251 West 15th Street, Chelsea
Between 7th and 8th Avenues, there's a small duplex asking $1,680/month. The kitchen is teeny, with a half-sized refrigerator, and the sleeping loft looks like it's only about 4-feet high.

3) 150 Sullivan Street, Soho
For $1,995 (recently reduced from $2,000—a steal!), a studio in Soho comes with two big closets and lovely hardwood floors. A floorplan would be helpful, as the listing says there's a "queen-sized bedroom" but "no living area."

2) 116 Stanton Street, Lower East Side
Yet another misleading "one-bedroom," as it's not actually for a one-bedroom. It's a two-bedroom unit, and the other tenant is looking for a roommate for $1,275/month. That said, it does look like a nice apartment.

1) 2012 5th Avenue, Central Harlem
The cheapest unit on the list is also the most popular; this studio near 125th Street is listed for just $902. It's a fourth floor walk-up, but the separate kitchen looks spacious and it has three closets.
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