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It Came From Craigslist

Many perfectly normal people look for—and actually find—their roommates on the ol' CL. But then you get folks like these who actually seem okay, promising a "[c]ompletely legal apartment..Not a basement rat hole," accompanied by the reassuring picture at right, but who then extend this, um, generous invitation to any would-be renter to get in touch: "Please txt me and tell me your name and a little about yourself..718-XXX-XXXX..Feel free to txt me any time day or night..Im usually up late." Then there are the enigmatic, totally creep-tastic ones. Titled "Shared Rooms Make For Cheap Sleepovers" and advertising a rate of $28 (Per night? Per month?), this ad kinda wins the sketchy award. "All guests behave properly when sharing the kitchen." Well, whew. [Craigslist; previously]